Ton and Zilla

W e ,T o n a n d  Z i l l a  a r e   b o r n   a n d   r a i s e d   i n   H o l l a n d  

After a lot of traveling all over the world, the island of Roatan looked like the ultimate place for us to live.
We started to build our own house and later a small B&B which changed over the years in a Boutique Hotel.
After accommodating tourist for 12 years, we thought is was time for a change.
So now we are remodeling our existing cabanas into a 1 story 2 bed/2bath house and put them up for sale.
Besides that we are gonna build 7 two story 2 bed/2 bath houses with luxury bathrooms, stainless steel appliances and ample living space.
The bedrooms will be on the first floor and the living area on the second floor so you will have a nice few and catch the breeze.

    The houses are for sale and you can either put them up in the rental pool or live the year round and enjoy island living.
    Of course all with the company of our pets Maxx, Gijsje and Tijger.



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